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Hey Heroes! What service will you choose?


Is there a certain hero power you would like to master? Have no fear the personal trainer is here! Enjoy your very own customizable training program specific to your needs. Want to be the strongest in the world? Or how about superfast? Maybe you just want to be healthier. This is the program for you! Nutrition can be included, once again it is up to you hero!

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A hero isn't complete without their trusty sidekick or better yet some heroes team up with other heroes! Partner training is great for accountability and being able to work off each other in a training session. Don't want to fight alone? No worries partner training works wonders and cheaper!

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Heroes always have the energy to get the job done. By eating right in combination with your craft makes quite the well rounded hero. Meal plans provided and made together.

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Monthly programs developed to help with guidance. Month of workouts and meals will be provided, includes 1 personal training session and each week will be check ins via email, phone, or skype.

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Everyday you will be stronger, braver, and wiser to do things you once thought you could not.

Michael Carey